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Due to popular demand we will be re-opening our carpet cleaning side of the business. The conditions of these services will be ONLINE BOOKING ONLY!!! We are a one man brand and can not take bookings and clean carpets at the same time! We are also only providing carpet cleaning NO upholstery services will be available, due to RSI issues from cleaning upholstery.


Vanessa, Googong

You guys did a spectacular job on my carpets today. they haven't been cleaned for at least 8 years and now they look brand new again.
I'm so happy with how they have turned out.
Anyone who needs their carpets cleaned, call them. You won't be disappointed

Allie Kate, Googong

I would highly recommend Googong Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control. Very reasonably priced and they did a super job with my end of lease carpet clean and fumigation. Gentleman was professional, on time and worked very efficiently. Would definitely use again!

Lisa , Googong

Couldn’t rate them any higher, was very happy with the quick response, availability, quote and the service they provided. Would 100% recommend googong carpet cleaning to anyone!


How long will the carpets take to dry - in Winter at least 24 hours, in the nice summer days probably be dry in half the time. If your carpet is SUPER dirty it will take a lot of work, therefore it will be wetter than normal. You can turn the heaters on to help the drying process, but restrain yourself from using blasting heat, it may warp the carpet!

Red Cordial... Some say WORSE than Red Wine:

Anyone who has either of these products in the house need a bottle of soda water in the cupboard at all times!!! As soon as you spill, soda water and blot!!! Sorry there are no guarenttes we will get it out, as all the amazing products on the market, most of them don't work! The quicker you get to it, the better the result. 

Do you work on weekends: 

Sorry we are unavailable on the weekends, you only live once right?

Can you do early appointments? 

Sure can - flick us a message, with a day you need us and time and we will try to accomdate.

What payment methods do you take?

When booking you will be asked for a credit card, no different to booking hotel accomdation, right? Your card will not be charged until the work is complete, you do have the option of having you credit card charged, paying cash or with a card. All payments are due at the time the service is done. No new customers will be able to pay via bank transfer.

How long before I can walk on my carpets?

You can walk on them straight away, they will be wet, but I am sure it won't do them any harm to step on them if you need to. You will however make footprints in all those beautiful steam marks. 

My Carpet Smells, will it after it is cleaned?

We use a deodoriser and sanitation in all our carpet cleans, in addition to our amazing carpet cleaning products, we never used to, but found that it is essential!

A stain didn't come out?

Yes that may happen. When we attend your home we will try to remove the stain with the steam cleaner and some manual removal, and various products. Bottom line is some stains don't come out but that doesn't mean we haven't tried to remove them.

Do I need to clean my carpets?

We are happy to do a vacumn of your carpets but this will incur a fee of $10 per room

What about dog hair?

Dog hair removal from carpets will incur a fee of $50 per room. Manual scrapping is required to do this, and it is a horrible job. Don't tell us there is no excessive dog hair, when there is, we WILL notice!!


We will do rugs when coming to do other services at your home, but we will not do a call out to do a rug. The time it takes to set up and pack down is too much for this. We no longer offer a drop off service.

Do you go to Bungendore, Michalego?

Sure, but please message us first with a day and preferred time, so we make sure that we have enough space around travel time. 

Refusal of service

We have the right to refuse any appointment.

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